Concrete Overlays

Concrete Overlays enhance the beauty of your concrete by creating the look of tile on your concrete driveway, sidewalk, walkway, pool, floor or patio.

Imagine getting a 24-Inch, 36-Inch or 48-inch tile look without the high cost of traditional tile.

Your pool area or concrete patio will have a look that is yours alone because the overlay material is applied as a solid surface and is seamless until the pattern is scored. Every overlay project is unique. If you have always wanted a stone pattern for your walkway or sidewalk, now is the time.

After the concrete pattern is scored, it is stained for your desired affect. We can stain your concrete patio or walkway to match the overall color theme of your home.

They can be done is varying  thicknesses depending on what kind of finish you want to achieve. These are designed to rejuvenate concrete by covering the existing surface, providing consistent color and allowing for decorative concrete floor treatments and finishes. It is the perfect way to even out cracked, chipped, stained and even mismatched concrete.


An important and cost effective enhancement that we offer is an overlay. Concrete overlays can breathe new life into a room without costing a fortune.

Would you like an Italian look with warm Tuscan colors?

Would you like to be bold with deep reds or blues? We can do that too!

When our decorative work is completed, our concrete sealer adds unmatched durability and ease-of-maintenance to the entire concrete area.

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