Concrete Countertops

Many choose some kind of a hardwood or tile finish when it comes to their home’s countertops as well but again, this leaves your counters prone to all kinds of damage and hazards. Concrete CountertopsWith concrete countertops you won’t have the problem of scratched or cracked tiles, or the hassle of having to deal with a warped hardwood countertop.

And if you want the best possible service at the most affordable cost, your only choice is Ibarra's Floor Finishing.

In home custom concrete is becoming popular with concrete counter tops. Very hard to chip or crack, they are becoming very popular with the finish. 35 - 100 a square foot with endless design possibilities. 

We’ve been installing concrete floors and countertops in Tucson, Arizona and its surroundings for over 25 years and thanks to our outstanding service and high level of concrete expertise, we will continue to meet and exceed all of your concrete needs well into the future.


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