Concrete Services

Making the Right Choice for Your Project


There are many different types of resurfacing methods such as staining, texture coats, overlay stamps, limestone coatings, epoxy flooring, concrete sealing, and more.  Concrete resurfacing is not new; similar methods of resurfacing concrete date back to the early 1970’s. The materials as well as the application methods have evolved over the years. Recent innovations in both products and application techniques have made concrete resurfacing more popular than ever. Modern Concrete Surfaces applies all types of concrete coatings.


Choosing which of the many major concrete coating manufactures products to use is less important than having the right professionals apply them.  Any over-the-counter products sold at large home improvement stores are not recommended for concrete flooring use.  Restrictions are placed on products sold to non-contractors and concrete coating material suppliers generally require training or qualification to purchase their products to avoid improper installation that could damage their products reputation. 


There are hundreds of different types products used in concrete resurfacing; there are exterior products and interior products, some of them producing extra low amounts of volatile organic compounds (VOC) which are even more environmentally friendly. 


Different products are used to achieve slightly different results to satisfy the customer.  Professional grade products can be difficult to apply and take years apprenticeship before applicators are able to work unsupervised.  Unlike some other construction methods concrete resurfacing faces new and different challenges on each project.