Why Concrete?

Dating back to ancient times, concrete was quickly recognized as the most versatile and durable natural building material available to man. Colosseum made out of ConcreteThe Roman Empire and other ancient civilizations also realized the inherent beauty in the concrete structures they had created. Many of Europe’s great monoliths, cathedrals and castles stand as a testament to the lasting splendor of concrete construction.

At Ibarra's Floor Finishing’s our focus is on perfecting the process of working with the concrete to achieve the desired results. Through a controlled environment and process we are able to achieve superior and consistent results with our concrete creations. We’re confident in the time-tested, natural characteristics of our concrete products. Our in-depth understanding of how concrete works, enables us to control or eliminate shrinkage, warping, cracking and staining.

Call us purists, but concrete by any other name just isn’t concrete. We’re passionate about this amazing material and with it we create lasting forms, surfaces, and flooring that accentuate your home or work environment.


Let us show you how to make something truly unique from a secret of the ancients.

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