Concrete - The Right Choice

In the not too distant past concrete was used exclusively for structural applications. However, advances in technology have given way to improved concrete formulas that have made it an artistic medium compatible with today's forward thinking architectural design.Concrete - The Right Choice

The concrete of today has properties that are considerably more sophisticated than most people realize. Our concrete possesses aggregates and organic details revealing a rich visual depth unique to concrete. Aside from its intrinsic beauty it can also be made to convincingly imitate other natural materials. In its natural state it can be smoothed to a glass or satin like finish or it can be highly textured. Because it is a poured substance, it can take on intricate shapes in the casting process. Ibarra's Floor Finishing has no color limits, it’s durable, easy to maintain, repairable, and it’s permanent.

Ibarra's Floor Finishing is well aware of the adaptability of this marvelous material and utilizes it capabilities daily, regularly finding new ways to apply its versatility.



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